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Make your business eco-friendly. A simple way to reduce your business expenses is to switch to renewable energy sources. Learn about our business options.

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Save money while protecting the environment for future generations.

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MGP Energy Solutions

About us

The future of Puerto Rico

Leading Renewable Energy Company founded in Puerto Rico in 2014 We are responsible for the installation of more than 11.5 million watts of solar panels on the island. We provide the highest quality products, as well as standing out for the quality of service and guarantee.

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We provide the best services

We offer a service of excellence and quality while providing energy and sustainable security to present and future generations

We provide the best services

We offer a service of excellence and quality while providing energy and sustainable security to present and future generations

Installation and maintenance

Permits and certifications

Load studies

Warranties and repairs

. Benefits of using Solar Energy

Incredible services for your business and home


You won't be dependent on a wobbly, susceptible structure or electrical system. You will produce and store your own energy.



Not only do you protect your pocket, you also protect the environment for future generations. Choose a cleaner future, a greener future.

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Dramatically reduce your bill or eliminate your bill altogether. Generate energy for over 25 years and save a lot of money

Why choose Solar energy?

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Clean Energy

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No Fuels

further benefits

Financing available land

3.99From 3.99 % discount

Solar financing with local cooperatives up to 12 years.

*subject to credit approval

Monthly fee

Fixed monthly payment and eliminates PREPA increases.

Storage capacity

Store your power for blackouts and emergencies.

Clean Energy

It protects the environment for the next generations.

Our clients

It's our passion

It is our passion to help transform a greener, cleaner and more sustainable Puerto Rico through renewable energy.

Our clients

It's our passion

Impact 30,000 Puerto Rican families in the next 5 years to produce and store their own energy through the Sun.

Clients satisfied

Creating technology is always based on perfect relationships


The clients they say

Super satisfied with the service. Very attentive, reliable, excellent treatment and always available. Excellent installation, fast and by very knowledgeable employees. They left everything clean and tidy. They take care of all the paperwork. I recommend them 100%.

Berniee and Evelyn, Jun 13

MGP Energy is an excellent company to have put our solar system in. Honest hardworking and knowledgeable people. They performed a high quality installation at my home and the entire crew were very respectful of our home and had a very high level of safety and work ethic. You can trust MGP. Thank you so much for being such a professional company to work with.

Curt DeCoux, Jun 6

Friendly and responsible staff. From orientation to installation they were very professional. Thank you for your services. Recommended 100%.

Madeline Rodriguez Rodriguez, Jun 16

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Antón Ruíz Plaza Carretera 924 KM 4.4
Humacao, Puerto Rico